We are hiring for our new administration

Judge Hidalgo has a bold, new vision for what is possible through Harris County government. With the leadership of her Talent Advisory Group, she has built an office of talented, dedicated public service.

In recruiting the very best people to this administration, we are committed to a core set of guiding principles, namely to identify and recruit individuals who:
•Share the Judge's values, particularly honesty, integrity, and hard work.
•Share the Judge's mission to use proactive and innovative leadership by evaluating our past, examining best practices from our peers, and remaining open-minded to new ideas to make Harris County economically competitive and secure a better future for all residents.
•Seek cost-effective solutions that integrate data-driven analysis alongside the advice of experts and the lived experiences of residents.
•Are dedicated to performing with exceptional competence.
•Reflect Harris County’s demographics and are committed to serving all people in Harris County.
•Are committed to pursuing equity as a cross-cutting principle to make sure that every family has a fair shot at opportunities.
•Increase transparency and remain accountable to the people of Harris County.
•Approach the work with a commitment to public service and uphold the highest ethical standards.

Please check back in the future for new openings.