As a bold, progressive leader, Judge Lina Hidalgo’s top priority is to improve the lives of Harris County residents.

With transparent, accountable government, residents can know what decisions are being made, and why. Lina has been working towards a government “for the people” by ensuring that the community has a say in their governance. 


Lina’s accomplishments show what she has achieved so far in her first term. Every one of those accomplishments stems from issues she campaigned on. Read through the issues she identified as priorities and you’ll see that she has been implementing changes and working towards those goals. 


Judge Lina Hidalgo is keeping her promises to Harris County.


All political campaigns are driven by issues the candidate identifies as important to the community. But for a transparent, accountable government, which is the kind of government Lina believes in, the public deserves to be informed about whether and how those issues were resolved.  

Read below about Lina’s key accomplishments to date. Clicking the icons will take you to her Harris County page.

Flood Control

Criminal & Juvenile Justice Reform

Childhood Development


Economic Opportunity

Climate Change & Protecting our Environment

Supporting Our Veterans

Transportation & Infrastructure

Emergency Management

Protecting Workers & Families

Gun Safety