About The Position

Lina Hidalgo, Democratic Candidate for Harris County JudgeThe County Judge is not a judicial position. It is instead the county executive, and the head of Harris County’s governing body, called the County Commissioners Court.

Harris County is the third largest in our nation, the size of Colorado in population. Since our County's creation in 1837, only one woman has ever been elected to the Harris County Commissioners Court on her own right. Lina Hidalgo is the first woman elected County Judge and only the second to be elected to the Commissioners Court. 

The County Judge and four County Commissioners oversee an over $5 billion budget that helps pay for key services in Harris County, which has over 4.5 million inhabitants. The Commissioners Court adopts a budget, sets tax rates, calls for bond elections, builds and maintains county infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and oversees county courthouses, jails, libraries and parks, along with the Harris County Flood Control District. 

The County Judge is also the county’s director of emergency management and plays an important advocacy role as figurehead of the County.