Judge Lina Hidalgo is the head of Harris County’s governing body, the Harris County Commissioners Court, which oversees a $5 billion budget in a county of almost 5 million residents. She sought this role because she understood that a position which controls the county budget ultimately determines the county’s priorities and whether they align with the community’s priorities and values. 

During times of emergency, Lina is also Harris County’s Director of Homeland Security and Emergency Management. In that capacity, she has steered the community through several natural and man-made disasters. 

The Commissioners Court plays a critical role that is part administrative and part legislative. Its many responsibilities include adopting a budget, building and maintaining county infrastructure such as roads and bridges, and overseeing services like courthouses, hospitals, libraries, and parks. 


Lina believes that county investments should prioritize evidence-based programs, that the county should be accessible and responsive to community needs, and that programs should be forward thinking, creative and proactive. For example, the decision to invest in flood mitigation, land preservation, smart development standards, and an assessment of future needs, rather than just relief (the difference between being reactive or proactive) defines Lina’s approach. 


Lina believes that our region will remain competitive only through proactive and creative leadership on issues like transportation, flood control, criminal justice reform, and education.

She is committed to ensuring that Harris County government is transparent, accessible, and accountable to every resident.

Featured Media Appearance

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September 2, 2020

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