Building a Government that is Transparent and Accountable

As Harris County Judge, Lina Hidalgo will work to build a Commissioners Court that is more in touch with the community.

She will support a data-driven approach to innovation. She will push for information to be readily available on County programs, their progress and targets, and the results and outcomes to show for an investment. The same goes for procurement projects. Making sure all data is easily accessible will allow citizens to hold government accountable and will allow partners to help us find innovative solutions to local challenges.

She will work to build communication and connections with the community, so that all understand the role of the County Commissioners Court and have easy access at key decision points. She will prioritize community meetings on issues before the Commissioners Court to ensure people have a true say in the way their money is spent. More broadly, Lina will work to coordinate and support partnerships, including with the breadth of community-based efforts taking place throughout our County.

On criminal justice, Lina will push for the collection of data on racial discrepancies throughout the criminal justice system from start to finish.