Fixing Our Criminal Justice System

Lina Hidalgo knows the value of growing up in a safe place. Since she immigrated to the United States, she has had the fortune of living in neighborhoods where crime was not a daily presence. But she knows too many people live in neighborhoods where they feel just as unsafe as her family felt in Colombia during the drug war.



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Building a Government that is Transparent and Accountable

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Making Sure Every Family Has a Fair Shot

Lina Hidalgo’s own experiences have shown her disadvantage comes in many interconnected challenges. From her work with the Texas Civil Rights Project and as a medical interpreter, Lina saw the way a lack of mental health infrastructure derails people’s lives and lands them in the criminal justice system. Lina would be a completely different person had various things not conspired together: A safe neighborhood, her parent’s ability to have a good job, and an opportunity to earn scholarships that allowed her to go to school. She wants other families to have a fair shot, like she did.


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Disaster Preparedness and Flood Elimination

We are learning—at too great a cost—that not enough was flooding over the past decade, and that settling for the status quo is irresponsible. We need to address flooding before it happens and not after.

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