Disaster Preparedness and Flood Elimination

We are learning—at too great a cost—that not enough was flooding over the past decade, and that settling for the status quo is irresponsible. We need to address flooding before it happens and not after.

As extreme weather events become more common, we can’t be afraid to ask hard questions about system design. We need to move beyond minor improvements along the status quo paradigm that got us to where we are today.

Lina will fight for change on design standards, floodplain management, and drainage issues. Most importantly, she will not shy away from bold innovation. She will bring the best minds together with the community to stop flooding in Harris County. She will heed expert warnings before the disaster, and not afterward. Because we could have and should have been ready after a string of warnings over the past decade.

On disaster preparedness more broadly, Lina will emphasize community-centered, long-term risk reduction. She will spearhead an effort to transparently assess and address systemic vulnerabilities, working with business and community leaders toward a community-centered resilience plan.