Making Sure Every Family Has a Fair Shot

Lina Hidalgo’s own experiences have shown her disadvantage comes in many interconnected challenges. From her work with the Texas Civil Rights Project and as a medical interpreter, Lina saw the way a lack of mental health infrastructure derails people’s lives and lands them in the criminal justice system. Lina would be a completely different person had various things not conspired together: A safe neighborhood, her parent’s ability to have a good job, and an opportunity to earn scholarships that allowed her to go to school. She wants other families to have a fair shot, like she did.


As Harris County Judge, Lina Hidalgo will work to ensure hard-working folks have a fair shot.
She will work to tackle our infrastructure challenges, prioritizing projects in neighborhoods where they are most needed. She will bring the best minds together on flooding. She will work to develop partnerships that promote growth in areas that have been forgotten, but that could thrive with adequate access and services. She will advocate for fair wages and against wage theft. She will promote standards so that workers working with County contractors are safe and so that we are training a workforce for the future.
Making sure our families have a fair shot also means standing up for our community, as the largest County in Texas. She will speak for our community and join leaders throughout our County and State who have said that SB4, the "show-me-your-papers" legislation, undermines local government and ultimately makes us all less safe.