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Our community gave my family a chance and I want to give back.

I was born in Colombia at the height of the drug war and my family arrived in Houston knowing almost nobody. Seizing every opportunity, I was able to attend great public schools, walk through safe neighborhoods on my way home, and attend world-class universities. I want a fair chance for every person in Harris County.

Our current Commissioners Court has the wrong spending priorities. Not enough is being done to protect our streets from flooding, to promote housing and homeownership, and to ensure all neighborhoods are safe. We are spending too much on a criminal justice system that is inefficient and unjust and not enough on jobs and education.    

More broadly, we should use the attention that comes with leading the third largest County in the most powerful country in the world, to stand up for our community on issues like immigration, climate resilience, and bail reform. This is why elections matter. We need fresh leadership.

My name is Lina Hidalgo, and I am running for Harris County Judge so that everyone can have the same opportunities I did. 

We know what Harris County looks like today, but imagine what it could look like tomorrow. I know from my experiences as an immigrant and from work with our communities that even the smallest of policies, done right, can change people’s lives and lift us all up.

And we are well on our way. With your incredible support, we won the Democratic nomination for Harris County Judge by a resounding 131,511 votes in the March Democratic primary - almost 10,000 more votes than incumbent Republican - and a higher percentage of the vote.

I hope you’ll join me in creating a bright future for all of us.


Lina Hidalgo, Democrat for Harris County Judge 2018

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