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Thank you, Harris County, for your support. I am honored to be your Democratic nominee for Harris County Judge.

I was born in Colombia at the height of the drug war and was welcomed to Harris County with open arms. I had the opportunity to attend some of the best universities in the world and have taken every opportunity to help hardworking families like mine. Now I’m running for office because I want the American Dream to exist for everyone.

We cannot continue with a status quo that has not been working. Harris County needs a leader who is going to fight for every person in our community. I believe that only through proactive and creative leadership on issues like flood control, transportation, criminal justice reform, and education, will our region remain competitive. 

With your incredible support, we won the Democratic nomination for Harris County Judge by a resounding 131,511 votes in the March Democratic primary - almost 10,000 more votes than incumbent Republican - and a higher percentage of the vote. I hope you’ll join me in the November election to build a better future for all of us.





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